Landgoed Anna's Parck vanuit de lucht


Who are we?

We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a feel and an understanding of quality that has more than 50 years of experience in the construction and operation of new locations and interior design. We also have tens of years of experience in Sport, Recreation, & Wellness facilities.

We know what recreation seekers, visitors, hirers, and clients desire when it comes to quality, luxury, and privacy. A peaceful stay in a beautiful country house, and the chance to recover from day-to-day worries and stress. That was and remains our intention with our country house.

The first phase of Landgoed Anna's Parck is now open for you to stay in. After 2 ½ full years of restoration work on both the old farm and the country house next door to it, the first phase of our plan is completed. The country house has been designated for recreational use by Schagen Council, enabling the apartments within the country house to undergo a complete metamorphosis, and we are now able to welcome our guests to the new holiday apartments.

The park has been taken fully in hand by a landscape architect. A variety of shared and private terraces have been laid out so that you can enjoy relaxing in the sun, or out of it if you prefer, and take in the countryside location, which is completely surrounded by colourful, scented bulb fields in the spring. The countless possibilities that we have created can be found elsewhere on this website.


Naturally, we hope that you will have an enjoyable stay at our Landgoed Anna's Parck and that you will take away with you some indelible memories. If you still have any wishes which are not referred to on our website, please feel free to tell us. For our part, we will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

With kind regards,

your hosts,

Joop Schopman & Rob Dijkslag

The history of the country house

Landgoed Anna’s Parck was known earlier as Landgoed Anna’s Hoeve, a farmhouse and buildings located in Zijpe, on the Ruigeweg (which was at that time an unpaved country road alongside the old railway line between Alkmaar and Den Helder). The name Ananas is a bastardised form of Anna’s and is derived from the fact that at the time of the Dutch East India Company a land owner called Phillips Doublet bought the property in 1609 from the bankrupt inventory of Maarten Vinck. He named the “excelente Woninge” (excellent home) after his daughter and wife, and his wealthy father De Heer van Sint Annaland. The grounds were managed by the lady of the house and one of her daughters, who were both called Anna van Dam. So the name is derived from the lady farmers 'Anna's' and over the course of time this is generally come to be bastardised as Ananas. The natural woods that surrounded the idyllically located farm at that time, and which have clearly diminished in area, are known by many in the area as the Ananasbos. In 1699, “den buitenplaatsch” (country house) came into the possession of the “Van Streijen” Amsterdam Regent family. Jan Jacobszoon van Streijen made it into his summer residence, and used the country house next door “Wildrijk” for hunting, which still occurs to this day. In the years that follow, Landgoed Anna’s Hoeve grew considerably in size. In 1792, the country house comprised a very respectable 660 “morgen” (approximately 560 ha).

Via inheritance, the property eventually came into the possession of the family of the Graaf van Wassenaer and Mr van Twickel. After 1850, Anna’s Hoeve was no longer used as a country retreat, but continued to be a farm. Until well into the 20th century it was a sort of recreation place for the powerful and rich of Amsterdam and reduced considerably in area. When the grounds eventually came into the possession of ‘t Hooge Huys in Alkmaar, the surrounding land was separated from the farm and was offered as a rental as agricultural land, and the farm with just under 2 ha was completely cut off from the surrounding land. After ‘t Hooge Huys was taken over by Reaal Verzekeringen, and then subsequently by ASR Verzekeringen, Anna’s Hoeve underwent rapid change. Since that time, the property has finally come into the possession of the Alkmaar businessmen Schopman and Dijkslag, via a short period of ownership by the previous owner, an antique dealer. These two gentlemen have been keen on restoring the history of the farm and have returned its exterior to a large extent to its original condition, as intended by the “Hooghe Huys”.

Because the name Anna’s Hoeve is frequently to be found amongst Dutch country houses and is also to be found as such on the Internet, we have chosen the name “Landgoed Anna’s Parck”, referring to its once large area and the anna’s woods that once belonged to it, now Ananas Bos.

Recover from day-to-day worries and stress