Catering at Landgoed Anna's Parck

You can make use of our in-house caterer

Here are a few examples from our in-house caterer, to give you an idea of the many options for providing/serving your meals, if you wish to make use of our catering service; you can state whether you wish to make use of this luxury service at the time of making your booking, via our website.

With our in-house caterer you can choose from a variety of options, to have a menu presented on your table with full service. If you wish you can opt for an in-house chef to come and (help you) prepare your dinner for you.

Below is a sample from the extensive list of culinary delights, to give you an idea of what you can expect if you make use of this exclusive option; 

Suggestions for a warm starter:

- Creamy of broccoli soup with snippets of salmon
- Japanese Yakitori chicken ‘seisjes’ with an authentic Oriental source
- Stuffed Portobellos with goat cheese gratin


Suggestions for the main course:

- Venison steak with truffle gravy
- 'Zwartpoot' chicken fillets stuffed with mushrooms and garden herbs
- Salti Bocca of pork, stuffed with raw ham, sage, and roast peppers


Suggestions for dessert:

- Panna cotta with woodland fruit sauce
- Crème brûlée with woodland fruits marinated in champagne
- Tiramisu prepared and served in a modern style


Examples of prices

Examples of prices; naturally you would fine tune this first with your chef de cuisine, who can come and prepare and serve the meal in your apartment if desired;

3 course menu: from €29,50 p.p.
4 course menu: from €34,50 p.p.
5 course menu: from €39,50 p.p.
Gourmet menu: from €44,50 p.p.

A gourmet menu comprises:
3 different entrees / Spoom / 3 different main courses/ 3 different desserts

Detective dinners:

3 course menu: from €38.00 p.p.
4 course menu: from €42,50 p.p.
5 course menu: from €48,00 p.p.

Selection of wines

aturally, it is also possible to have an excellent selection of wines served with the menus.
For example, a wine selection with a three course menu starting from €13.50 p.p.
Or a wine selection with a four course menu starting from €20.50 p.p.

Butler Service

Unique to Landgoed Anna's Parck is the personal "Butler Service", whereby the Butler will prepare your table in "style", will serve your meal, explain the dishes that are presented, and will clear everything away for you afterwards.

Should you arrive "too late" at our country house and still wish to dine, we can provide you with a fresh cold meal which is ready and waiting for you in your fridge, including bread/herbal butter and a delicious salad, and if desired, an excellent wine to complement the meal.

The very best greetings from your chef de cuisine: "Thi Yong Chen"

As you see, at Landgoed Anna's Parck you can spoil yourself thoroughly at a culinary level as well.

For lovers of good food our in-house caterer offers an excellent opportunity to turn your well-earned holiday into an even more valued and memorable stay at our Country House.

Another nice "gesture" before dinner is maybe also for the gentleman to cook the meal, whilst the ladies receive a private painting lesson from a pair of renowned artists from Alkmaar.